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MCHOF’22: Amalgam Collection Not-So-Miniature Masterpieces

There are so many companies creating beautiful, detailed model cars, but it’s hard to find anyone who does it on the level lf Amalgam Collection. Their diecast models come in many scales, all with achingly beautiful hand-built details. For their astonishing attention to translating the beauty of real cars to miniature, Amalgam Collection is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s 2022 Model Car Brand of the Year.

amalgam Lamborghini miura

Can’t afford a real Lamborghini Miura? Well, their 1/18 version will almost do the trick. The detail is mind-blowing. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth it for a diecast car that’s almost as limited as the real car’s production.

If you have a big enough garage, why not get one of their larger-scale cars… we’re talking about 1/5 or even 1/4 scale models. When you make cars that big, even the details have details! 

amalgam porsche 917

They also make a much smaller collection of smaller, far less-detailed cars. And that is not a criticism. Their Sculptures Series forgoes detail and sharp graphics to create exquisite one-piece models that reduce the cars to the bare essence of the design. It’s just the basic lines and shapes that define a particular, and nothing else you don’t need. Their Sculpture Series collection of Corvettes includes one of each generation, and it’s a great way to illustrate the evolution of this icon.

amalgam corvette c4 sculpture

For their dedication to the sheer craft and artistry of the model car, Amalgam Collection is our Model Car Brand of the Year for 2022.

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