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MCHOF’22: Gordon Murray Has Had a Beautiful Career 

When aspiring young racer Gordon Murray couldn’t afford a proper race car, he sized up the Lotus 7, figured out the formula, and built his own similar race car from scratch. The T.1 was lighter and had stiffer suspension, so he got that part right for sure. While racing was fun, he decided his passion was in design. For realizing his true calling, Gordon Murray is the 2022 Model Car Hall of Fame’s Automotive Legend of the Year.

In 1970, he walked into the offices at Brabham Racing and said he was there for an interview. Unknowingly, they were expecting someone that day, but Murray just happened to show up earlier. He got the job. By 1973 he was Chief Designer.

Gordon Murray historyThe important thing to remember as we call him a designer… he didn’t create beautiful bodies for fast cars, he was involved in every bit of engineering. The fact that a sleek, sexy shape happens to work for such creations is a happy accident.

Murray would go on to McLarenn, where his Formula 1 cars won 75 percent of the races they ran. And always looked good doing so. It didn’t hurt to have the most talented drivers on the planet driving his cars. In the early 90s, he decided the general public should know the feeling of driving an F1 car, so he penned some beautiful bodywork for the McLaren F1. Oops, it was not for the general public… it was a supercar, and very expensive. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to own a legend.

Gordon-Murray t33

Heck, he’s even designed a Batmobile! And one of his latest designs, the T.34 is a simple, inexpensive work truck intended for developing markets.

To this day, he is designing fast, expensive, exotic cars under his own brand. The T.33 is extremely fast, expensive, and gorgeous. Most of us will never see one on the road, let alone own one, but they sure are fun to look at. For his beautiful career, The Model Car Hall of Fame names Gordon Murray Automotive Legend of the Year for 2022.

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