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MCHOF’22: Jon Kuvakas Takes Induction to Model Car Hall as Content Creator of the Year

my take logoThere are tons of YouTube channels devoted to hobbies such as model cars, but My Take, a relatively new one caught our attention recently. John Kuvakas, a devoted diecast collector, really appreciates the detail and care that goes into creating accurately scaled models. For his attention to detail about, well, detail, he is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Content Creator of the Year for 2022.

High detail, high fidelity, high quality. That’s his mantra. Seriously, this guy goes hard when he reviews scale models. He delivers diecast opinions with the gravitas of Walter Cronkite. His focus is usually 1/43 models, but he will stretch from 1/64 to 1/18 for the right cause.

Kuvakas really respects accurate models of unusual prototypes. So the “Picasso” Citroen 2CV (an actual art car by Andy Saunders), or the 1937 Cadillac Hartmann Roadster get his attention. The fact that anyone bothered to make models of such rare and unique cars is wonderful, and we have to thank him for bringing them to our attention.

One area of particular value to collectors is when he compares miniatures from different companies. Such as his review of 1/43 1954 Packard Caribbean models from Automodello, Brooklin, and Motor City.

picasso 2cv_

Kuvakas also manages to score interviews with industry insiders, so his channel has a lot of insight beyond just the models themselves. For his devotion to the diecast hobby, My Take is the Content Creator of the Year for 2022.