Matchbox renault twizy

MCHOF’22: Matchbox Renalut Twizy Is a Weird Little Wonder

Everyone loves a crazy concept car. It could be a vision of a future that may never come, or possibly, improbably, it shifts the dynamics of everyone’s beliefs enough that it comes to fruition. Take the Renault Twizy for example. It was a weird little idea to make the affordable electric vehicle into something more than a glorified golf cart. It looked like a silly toy car. Before we continue, let’s cut to the chase. Matchbox made a toy of the Renault Twizy, and it’s the Model Car Hall of Fame selection for 1/64 Model of the Year.

Matchbox renault twizy

Where were we? A weird little EV concept would make a nice toy. So Matchbox wanted to make it. Except in Mattel World, the crazy stuff belongs to Hot Wheels, and Matchbox does the more sedate models of real cars. How to reconcile that? 

Well, Renault cleared up the confusion and actually put the Twizy into production. Yes, you can buy a real Twizy, 1/1 scale (that’s under eight feet long in real life). It kind of looks like a kid-friendly robot helmet jacked up as a monster truck hit by a shrink ray.  If you ever get to see one in person, you can’t look away. So much personality and design in such a tiny package that didn’t need to be anything more than basic transportation.

Matchbox renault twizy

So the fact that this car… actually, microcar quadricycle… became reality just so Matchbox could make a model of it is amazing. That may not be the exact order of decision making, but the fact that the Twizy exists in real and 1/64 versions should make people happy. For that, the Matchbox Renault Twizy is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s choice for 1/64 Model of the Year.

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