MPC toronado californian

MCHOF’22 MPC Californian Toronado Gets the Weird Details Right

When you look back at model car kits of the 1950s and ’60s, it’s astonishing to see the precision of the design and molding. No computers, no AI, just skilled craftsmen carving out miniature molds. 

As much deference as we can give to those great artisans, the advancements in model car technology have been a wonder of science. CADCAM and 3D modeling have vastly improved the possibilities of these miniatures. 

MPC toronado californian box

Nonetheless, the spirit of creativity that resulted in some of the batshit crazy custom designs of that bygone era cannot be replicated. So the Model Car Hall of Fame bestows the honor of Model Kit of the Year for 2022 to the MPC Californian Toronado.

Mid ‘60s General Motors must have been an exciting place to work. The Buick Riviera kicked off their “personal sports coupe” era in 1963, and with the second generation of the Riv coming up, Caddy prepped the FWD El Dorado, and Olds designed the FWD Toronado. All three would turn out to be sexy designs, but the Toro stood out as the most outrageous. Shortly after the original Toronado hit the streets, MPC set loose customizing the heck out of it to create the Californian in miniature.

MPC toronado californian nose

For modelers who wanted to do something special and unique, well, the Californian drove them halfway there. The absurd details are fun, but more importantly, executed as well as possible for the time. MPC has freshened up the casting with modern help and re-released this model for you to decide how to finish it.

For unleashing the spirit of classic custom modeling, the MPC Californian Toronado is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Model Kit of the Year for 2022.

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