norev peugeot 304 blue

MCHOF’22: Norev’s 1/87 Peugeot 304 Blends in Beautifully

In some ways the Peugeot 304 is the least remarkable car on the planet. Or the most unremarkable. Either way, it’s the bare minimum a car needs to be. Or is it? Think about the humble VW Beetle, Mini Cooper, or Honda CVCC. Simple, inexpensive, everything you need, nothing you don’t. And iconic as heck.

norev peugeot 304 nose

One can argue that the 304 was the same thing to France. Defiantly reliable and engaging to drive, it was kind of a way to tell the world you were on a budget but didn’t cheap out. While those other cars had iconic profiles, it was the dramatically basic sedan proportions that made the 304 endearing. And why the Norev HO scale model of this car is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s 1/87 Model of the Year.

As basic as the shape and purpose of the car was, it still has room for panache. That Pug grill with the headlights bulging slightly above the grill line, the rounded, sloping curves instead of corners, and just a tickle of chrome make it charming. Norev captures all of these details perfectly in a way that makes it look like the model should be a larger scale.

norev peugeot 304 white

You could park a hundred of these all over a model railroad and no one would notice, which is a shame. When you look closely, it’s a sharp execution of an underrated marvel of design. For that, the Norev Peugeot 304 is the Model Car Hall of Fame 1/87 Model of the Year.

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