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MCHOF’22: Tomy is the One Stop Shop for Japanese Pop

Tomica/Tomy has been one of the most resilient brands of model cars over the past several decades. Their ability to make basic toy cars in 1/64, along with more detailed collector models and highly-detailed plastic kits puts them in good graces with everyone from toddlers to adult hobbyists. The Takaratomy website, based in Japan is one-stop shopping for everything you expect from that name and so much more. So we decided to induct them as the Model Car Dealer of the Year for 2023.

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A quick search of the site shows a lot of familiar logos, although the Japanese text may throw you off for a bit. No matter, you can translate it, or, with a few seconds of staring, Jurassic World suddenly becomes obvious. There are also several fun and informative videos about certain brands that are collected on the site. (One could possibly use a VPN to access such content, but you didn’t hear that from us.)

While Tomy has great distribution worldwide, not all of its products are available in stores outside of Japan. So this is the best one-stop shop for everything they offer, including models and toys you didn’t even know existed.

tomy lexus box

For bringing the world their entire range of offerings, The Tomica Japan shop is the Model Car (and More) Dealer of the Year for 2022.