MCHOF’22: Toyota Evolves Into Fun (But Still Sensible) Car Company

Since 1933, Toyota has been a worldwide leader in reliable if not terribly exciting cars for the masses. Every now and then, they let their wild side show and design some fun, fast, and well, furious cars that remind everyone that the company has quite a bit of soul. For those classic and more importantly, current dream cars, Toyota is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Automotive Brand of the Year for 2022.

Toyota-logo squareToyota’s traditional focus has been reliable, sensible, practical cars for the masses. With the occasional foray into capable off-road vehicles, of course. And Presidential limousines. And sports/sporty cars. As it turns out, Toyota kind of covers all the bases of the consumer auto market.

In the last few years, Toyota has released some rather exciting cars that have indeed captured the hearts of enthusiasts and diecast fans. The Sicon F-RS, now known as the Toyota GR-86, is the compact, inexpensive sports car the world has been clamoring for to give the Mazda Miata a little competition. And the more recent new Supra model has caught the attention of those who have double the budget and a little more need for speed.

In the model car world, both have inspired more than a few models in multiple scales. Such popularity has also inspired a wave of miniatures of their older cars, ranging from the 2000GT and the budget-friendly Corolla AE-86. The fact that these have appeared prominently as hero cars in the Fast & Furious franchise as well as numerous anime and manga projects doesn’t hurt the image. Suddenly, Toyota seems like the epitome of driving fun. 


For evolving into a fun car company that also makes more mainstream offerings, Toyota is the 2022 Automotive Brand of the Year for the Model Car Hall of Fame.