MCHOF’22: You’ll Love Schuco’s 1/12 Herbie The Love Bug

Among the list of iconic race cars from movies, the crown has to go to one of the slowest in the race. Herbie, the Volkswagen Beetle at the heart of the Disney franchise stands out for so many reasons. Schuco has created a massive 1/12 scale model of the Love Bug, and it is a joy to see. It is also the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Large Scale Modle of the Year for 2022.


Herbie (spoiler alert for a movie over 50 years old) is an anthropomorphic Volkswagon Bug. He doesn’t have a mouth or even speak in human languages, but he does express himself through his headlights and horns. Also, he can drive without anyone at the wheel, making him one of the first successful autonomous cars. Being an under-matched, slow car, he uses his wits and some silly stunt acumen to win races. What’s not to love?

The Schuco model really digs in on the details of the car. The canvas sunroof, racing stripes, and “53” roundels are instantly recognizable, of course. But it’s the basic, well, basicness of the otherwise plain ol’ Beetle that makes it look so real. The window trim has both black rubber and chrome strips, as do the taillights. Such details on the real car made it look low-budget, but on a model, they up the value tremendously.


Looking at this model, you almost wait for Herbie to beep and beckon you to go for a ride. It’s that kind of love that makes this Bug the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Large Scale Model of the Year for 2022.

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