Volvo_1800_ESC_Viking_Coggiola tail

MCHOF’23: Autocult Volvo 1800 ESC Viking Coggiola Finally Gets its Due in 1/43

“Volvo: They’re Boxy but Good” is one of the best ad slogans of all time. Problem is, it’s not a real tagline, but from a movie called Crazy People. A car that contradicts that slogan is the 1971 1800 ESC Viking Coggiola, a sharp-edged sports coupe. The overall shape and design predicted where automotive design would head later in the decade. 


Sadly, the car isn’t real either.  It was a concept car but never went into production. Until Autocult decided to do it in 1/43 scale, that is. Autocult is known for its highly-detailed models of obscure, even downright bizarre vehicles. They take great pride in finding cars that have never been replicated in miniature and fixing those omissions. Talk about crazy people!

Volvo_1800_ESC_Viking_Coggiola tail

Since Autocult’s cars are offered in fairly low numbers, and the detail is exquisite, they aren’t cheap. But if you have to have that certain car in miniature, they are your Viking heroes. For creating this masterpiece in miniature, Autocult’s Volvo Viking 1800 ESC is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s inductee for 1/43 Model of the Year for 2023.

Volvo_1800_ESC_Viking_Coggiola grill

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