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MCHOF’23: Electric Dreams Earns a Slot in Model Car Hall of Fame

Everyone loves an awesome slot car setup. When you get the track perfectly dialed in and even some scenery added, you have everything you need. Of course, you also need the right cars. The right era and style are important, but performance counts. While there are some relatively affordable slot cars out there, sometimes the really high-end cars are what your course demands. For meeting those needs, Electric Dreams is the Model Cars Hall of Fame’s Dealer of the Year for 2023.

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One quick glance at their site tells you they are likely kindred spirits. A huge pile of cars on the side of the road looks like the greatest wasteland of buzzy little electric cars. “New and Used”  indeed. The new stuff is not cheap, but the best of the best. As for used, they offer a selection of “better snag it while it’s available” rare slots. Electric Dreams also carries older new stock, items you probably won’t find anywhere else.

The accessories for sale are a joy to look at. Driver figures (and driver/cockpit pieces), wheels and tires… anything to personalize your car and improve performance, they have it. They also offer reproductions of vintage decal sheets in different scales to finish off your project.

If you’re just getting started in the hobby, they even sell complete sets with track, cars, and controllers. Basically, they make it impossible to have an excuse to not race slot cars. For their unwavering enthusiasm for the hobby, Electric Dreams is our Model Car Dealer of 2023.

Editors Note: We feel compelled to note that while Scott Bader of Electric Dreams is on the MCHOF Selection Committee, he was not involved in this particular award.