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MCHOF’23: GLM Chrylser La Comtesse Is a Model You’ll Never Own of a Car You’ve Never Heard of

Creating a mold for a new diecast vehicle is not cheap. That’s why companies do exhaustive research into the potential popularity of a model, not to mention the number of easy variants they can create. If you can release a model of the, say, the same Porsche 917 in a dozen different liveries, the initial investment makes sense.

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Then take a car like the 1954 Chrysler LaComtesse. Never heard of it, have you? 

it was a one-off concept car that never went into production. It seemed to be a predecessor the the Dodge LaFemme, which was basically a Royal Lancer in pink or orchid. Nonetheless, GLM made this model in limited quantities. It’s the Model Car Hall of Fame’s choice for 1/43 Model of the Year for 2022.

So how limited was this production? One. One model of this one show car. That gets into scratch building territory there. GLM (Great Lightning Models) created this masterpiece for super-collector Tom Dirnberger, who has enough sway to get something this obscure to become a reality.

The detail on this resin car is exquisite, as it is for all of GLM’s models. The rose petal seat inserts look lovely under the custom room. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are fairly new to the game, but focus on makes and models that are underrepresented in the hobby. And they are produced in very limited numbers. That’s an admirable goal, putting them in the realm of companies like Autocult. Still, a one-off of a one-off is pretty amazing.

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Turns out GLM sort of did another version… Dirnberger also commissioned a brown version of the car called the LeComte, another car not destined for production in miniature or 1/1 scale.

Will this car ever see mass production (or even super limited production? Who knows? In the meantime, the 1954 Chrysler LaComtesse from GLM is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s 1/43 Model of the Year.

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