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MCHOF’23: Hot Toys DeLorean Time Machine is a Big Blast From the Past

In the Back to the Future movies, the chemistry between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd was perfect. But let’s not forget about the time machine itself, the other star of the films. Hot Toys’ insanely detailed 1/6 scale DeLorean Time Machine is the closest you will ever get to owning the real thing (unless you have a 1/1 scale budget for such toys). For that, this model is named the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Large Scale Model of the Year.

hot toys DeLorean_Time_Machine front

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back in time and watch Back to the Future in the theater along with a crowd who was seeing it for the first time? Nobody could have foreseen the lasting impact the critically and commercially beloved movie would have almost 40 years later.

The DeLorean DMC was such an inspired choice for the basis of the time machine. It had been a sales and performance flop just a few years earlier, yet it still looked like, well, the future. (There must never be a remake, but the Tesla Cybertruck sure looks like a candidate for the role, doesn’t it?)

hot toys DeLorean_Time_Machine_cockpit

Hot Toys’ new 1/6th (over two feet long!) scale DeLorean Time Machine goes above and beyond and forward with astonishing detail. It’s almost like Doc Brown also invented a shrink ray and used it on the car. It can be displayed on its wheels, or in hover mode, complete with transparent stands. The light-up details look eerily real.

Inside, the dashboard and Flux Capacitor also light up. You almost expect the Mr. Fusion reactor on the back to be fully functional.

hot toys DeLorean_Time_Machine hover

Oh, and you can get super realistic Doc and Marty figures to go with it! Action figures sold separately!

There have been some great models of the Time Machine over the years, but, wow, this is light years beyond what we have seen before. For this achievement in not-so-minature, the Hot Toys Back to the Future II Deloran is the Model Car Hall of Fame Large Scale Model of the Year for 2023.

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