hot wheels 61 impala 72 chevy ramp truck card

MCHOF’23: Hot Wheels ’61 Impala with ’72 Chevy Ramp Truck Carry Home Truck of the Year Award

The Hot Wheels Team Transport vehicle line has been a wildly successful series, featuring an intriguing mix of cars with matching haulers. For 2023, Hot Wheels released one of the best combinations yet, the ’61 Impala with ’72 Chevy Ramp Truck set. By combining two perfectly designed vehicles in one set, Hot Wheels earns the title of Model Car Hall of Fame Truck Model of the Year for 2023.

Some of the Team Transport sets are based on specific prototypes and liveries. Some are fictional creations, but look as plausible as the sets based on reality. Some include closed vans, ramp trucks, flatbeds, even trailers. The variety is terrific, and it’s hard to leave a set on the pegs when you find them in the store.

hot wheels 61 impala 72 chevy ramp truck

The Impala/Ramp Truck set has a very DIY racing effort ethos about it. No major sponsors on the car, but lots of little decals. The ramp truck is decorated in a bare-bones livery, looking like the team poured every cent into the race car, not a fancy paint scheme. That will have to wait until after a few checkered flags.

The set in question here features what many consider the most underrated Impala model ever, the bubble top 1961 model, where the sheet metal pays homage to the idea of tailfins without actually bearing any. The car was an evolutionary masterpiece.

Hot Wheels decided a Chevy hauler had to do the job. Based on the late ’60s to early ’70s pickups, it’s a darn handsome model. Let’s call this a great truck model with some awesome cargo.

Hot Wheels spared no expense on the tampos for grill badges and other details, which makes these sets worth the premium price. There are several designs in the Team Transport series worthy of this award, but The Model Car Hall of Fame feels like the ’61 Impala with ’72 Chevy Ramp Truck should haul home the award for Truck Model of the Year.