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MCHOF’23: M2 Nissan Fairlady is “Z” Choice for 1/24 Model of the Year

Few cars have stirred the soul like the Jaguar XKE, and it didn’t take long for other car companies to try to replicate it. Even fewer succeeded in the way Nissan did with the Fairlady Z. M2 Machines offers a nice model of this car in gorgeously simple Yokohama Tires livery that hits all the right buttons. For that, the M2 Fairlady is the 1/24 Model of the Year for the Model Car Hall of Fame.

The outward look of the Jag is unimpeachable, but it had British reliability with a high price tag. Nissan hit the bullseye with the Fairlady (known as the Datsun 240Z in the United States). Similar profile, with sharper lines, reasonably priced, trusty as anything else coming out of Japan. From the sugar scoop headlights to the more angled rear ledge, everything about this car got the plan right without feeling plagiarized.

M2 1970_Nissan_Fairlady_Z432 package

Also, the Z was a legendary racer, so this M2 Machines version in red, white, and blue with classic sponsor logos evokes memories of this fast, light-performance bargain. Credit the folks at M2 for some great packaging as well. You could mistake this for a model made 50 years ago at first glance. It is available in other liveries and street versions as well.

A nice E-Type is now priced in the low six-figures, but an original Fairlady hasn’t quite gone off the charts yet. And as a testament to how cool the design is, Nissan has a new car, just called the Z that calls out some very specific details of the original as well as some later, also awesome generations. 

The folks at M2 captured the spirit of the model perfectly, and for that, their Fairlady is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s choice for 1/24 Model of the Year for 2023.

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