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MCHOF’23: Maisto’s Electrifying Audi E-Tron Wins 1/8 Model of the Year

Auto manufacturers are taking their electric vehicles more seriously every year as EV mandates have been coming for a long time. Diecast manufacturers are getting on board as well. Maisto has crafted a 1/18 scale version of the Audi E-Tron GT, complete with their usual attention to detail and quality. For their efforts towards our EV future, Maisto’s E-Tron GT is named the 1/18 Model of the Year for 2023.

maisto Audi_RS_e-tron_GT_open

When Tesla showed the world how to make an exciting, attractive electric car they started to take notice. And when Tesla priced those cars high and they still sold like hotcakes, luxury car makers really perked up.

Audi has the E-Tron line of solidly engineered, crisply performing vehicles that also look like million bucks (but only cost about a tenth of that!). The E-Tron GT is a sleek Touring Sedan with a semi-practical and sporty fastback profile. It looks like it should have a sporty growl, but, nope, just a whirring buzz.

Pop the hood and just look at that engine detail… oh right. This is an electric car. So with both ends opened up, you get to see a lot of storage space. And underneath, a relatively flat floorplan. Turns out the EV revolution is making model car design easier in a way.

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Despite the simplicity, Bburago captures the stately yet sporty lines of the 1/1 scale car in a fantastic hue of green. It’s great to see auto manufacturers put so much love into their EV designs, and for diecast manufacturers to recognize that trend and follow suit in miniature. Maisto deserves the award for 1/18 scale Model of the Year for their Audi E-Tron GT.

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