matchbox toyota mr2

MCHOF’23: Matchbox Toyota MR2 is the Perfect Little Sports Car

Since the dawn of motoring history, drivers have craved affordable sports cars. Fun, tossable, capable friends that won’t break the bank. Traditional British and Italian roadsters carried that mantle for a long time. The Mazda Miata has been the gold standard of that balance for over 30 years. Toyota once offered its own take on the nice-price mid-engine two-seater, the MR2.

Matchbox has created models of other years of the legendary affordable mid-engine sports car, but this second-generation MR2 might be the best. As part of the “Moving Parts” series, it features opening doors. Everything about this casting should bring a smile to your face, which was the goal of the original car. And that’s why the Matchbox Toyota MR2 is the 1/64 Scale Model of the Year for 2023.

matchbox toyota mr2

There are even versions with the headlights popped up or dropped down, which is a neat trick. As a premium model, it costs a bit more than the mainline Matchbox, but it’s worth the splurge. It’s a reminder of how small, lightweight, and simple cars can be if done with passion and precision.

Over three distinct generations, the MR2 returned many smiles per gallon for the modest investment. The first Generation was wedgy and angular, and the third generation was rounded and modern for the time. For many, the second-generation MR2 hit the bullseye of that sweet spot.

Prices of the real thing are still attainable as well. As long as car enthusiasts crave this kind of balanced perfection, there will be room for miniatures of those cars. The Matchbox MR2 deserves its status as the 1/64 Model of the Year.

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