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MCHOF’23: Modell Fahrzeug is THE News Source for German Diecast

As much as we try to keep collectors up to date on the latest diecast news, the Model Car Hall of Fame can only report so much in a day. We rely on our fans and readers to send in tips, and we also visit the websites of major diecast companies to stay on top of things. We have to hand it to Modell Fahrzeug, THE online source for European diecast news. It almost seems to be updated in real-time like a major news website. For their ongoing pursuit of the latest in model cars, Modell Fahrzeug is our 2023 Content Creator of the Year.

modell fahrzeug page

As a magazine and a website, Modell Fahrzeug is an entertaining read, both informative and interesting at all times. If you’re fluent in German, it’s a breezy read. Google Translate takes some interesting liberties with the English version, but you get the gist of the articles.

It would be great if the world could get a diecast source this thorough in every language, but for now, Modell Fahrzeug has Germany covered, and we will pass along news from them as needed. For that service, Modell Fahrzeug is our Content Creator of the Year for 2023.

Editor’s Note: We feel compelled to note that while Andreas Berse, editor of Modell Farhzeug is on the MCHOF Selection Committee, he was not involved in this particular award.