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MCHOF’23: Nylint Rolls Back Into the Collector Toy Market

Remember Nylint toys? You may have owned some big Tonka construction vehicles when you were a kid, such as the Mighty Dump dumper, and the front loader. They were made of pressed steel for all the strong parts. And of course, there was Nylint, filling in for the same purpose, the same scale.

They also made rugged trucks and cars in approximate 1/18 scale, compatible for basement, sidewalk, or sandbox duty with the other brands. Somehow they didn’t survive the big-scale sandbox wars of the early 1970s.

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The brand disappeared, but good news… because Nylint is back with a new retro vibe. Nylint’s first offerings include a forward control pickup and van that should instantly appeal to the hearts of folks who were kids at the right age. And wow, do they have a hook! That’s why we are honoring Nylint as the Novice Brand of the Year for 2023.

The new Nylint vehicles are named Sunshine, a bright yellow cab-forward pickup (sure looks like an early ’60s Ford Econoline), and Rain, a dull gray cab-forward van (same face). Clever. Also, there is a matching children’s book in which they live and learn and love. And travel across the USA. The nostalgia is really strong here, with the same familiar stamped steel construction. 

nylint rain

It’s a limited edition affair, so order now if they are still available. A disclaimer on the website mentions that these are intended as collectibles, not toys. As if you could resist. Bad news/good news… they don’t intend to make these particular again, because they need to clear room for new releases. Hopefully, the new models will evoke the same responses as the old ones.

Here’s hoping we’ll see more from them soon. These first models are enough to make Nylint the Novice Brand for the 2023 Model Car Hall of Fame.

nylint sunshine and rain book