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MCHOF’23: Paolo Rampini Makes Model Car History

Rampini AutomodelliLong before the internet, diecast collectors relied on authors and historians to document the history of model cars. Some books focused on a particular model company, a marque of the actual car, or a particular scale among many distinctions. The infinitely searchable databases we rely on today for such information simply would not exist without these documents. For his valiant effort to document mostly Italian diecast brands, Paolo Rampini is inducted as the 2023 Model Car Historian of the Year by the Model Car Hall of Fame.

Rampini, an avid diecast collector, got started as a writer for hobby publications in the mid-1960s. His expertise and style earned him many accolades over the years. With all of that documentation and knowledge, he decided to create more concise, permanent collector guides.

Rampini is the author of 17 collector books including the Golden Book of Model Cars (1995) and Slotcars Made in Europe: 1930 – 1980 (2003), which found success in the United States. His last book, Model Cars in the World was published in 2007 and holds the record for most individual cars photographed at around 16,000 cars.

His mission to keep the history of the hobby alive is beyond admirable. For his efforts, Paolo Rampini is our Model Car Historian for 2023.

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