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MCHOF’23: Sir Stirling Moss Could Race – and Win- In Anything on Wheels

When you think of legends of auto racing, Stirling Moss comes to mind. But he never won a Formula 1 title, the series he is most remembered for. He also raced in other circuits in other cars, winning races, and winning hearts, but not qualifying for titles. And yet, somehow this jack-of-all-trades is one of the most highly regarded drivers of all time. For that odd distinction, the Model Car Hall of Fame names him the 2023 Automotive Legend.

SiR Stirling Moss

Moss grew up in a family known for speed. His father was an amateur driver who finished in the middle of the pack in the 1924 Indianapolis 500. And his mother raced in hill climb events. Even his sister went on to a respectable rally driving career. So it was in his genes.

SiR Stirling MossFrom 1948 to 1962, he won 212 out of the 529 races he entered. No, those were not all Grand Prix. If he concentrated on just that discipline, he might have one a series championship one year. But he was also driving in the Mille Miglia, Rally (gotta compete with his sister), endurance racing, and even going after various land speed records in different classes. Basically, if it had wheels, he wanted to drive it. Fast. And against someone else.

Nonetheless, he held the record for most Grand Prix victories by an English driver for almost 3o years.

He once said he preferred British race cars, stating: “It is better to lose honorably in a British car than to win in a foreign one.”  After “retiring” from racing (he would dabble in all sorts of motorsports for years), he was the color commentator for ABC’s Wide World of Sports for Formula One and NASCAR races. 

Think about it… he didn’t race in NASCAR but knew enough about it to be a knowledgeable voice in the sport for years. That’s the kind of pedigree that made him a champion in life. For his spirit of adventure driving anything with wheels and driving them fast. Sir Stirling Moss is the MCHOF Automotive Legend of the Year for 2023.