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MCHOF’23: Vincent Tang Keeps GreenLight Going Strong

Some diecast collectors might have been a bit nervous when GreenLight Collectibles was acquired by Waltersons Industries Group at the end of 2022. What would it mean for the quality of the models? Or the number of new variants and molds? What about the price? Well, the good news is after a year, no one has had any complaints, and much of that can be credited to their new President and CEO, Vincent Tang. For a successful first year at the helm, Tang is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2023.

Tang is a long-time diecast collector, starting around the age of nine. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Playing with toy cars of all scales, then building plastic kits, then collecting the high-end large-scale models. According to GreenLight’s website, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Western University in Ontario, Canada, and a Master’s degree in Investment Management at Cass Business School in London. So he gets what it means to be a collector, a designer, and a businessman. Sounds like a good combination.

GreenLight is known for hitting a sweet spot in the diecast world. Some unusual designs, some mainstream offerings, great detail, and reasonable pricing. Their quality-to-price ratio works for a lot of collectors. Also, the company famously sticks to its scales meaning a 1/64 vehicle is indeed that scale and not “just in the ballpark” to fit certain overall measurements.

“I see so much potential in GreenLight. It’s an awesome company,” Vincent said. “I think my business experience combined with my passion for die-cast will help the company grow to another level.”

Hopefully, GreenLight will continue to thrive under Tang’s leadership. He was a collector first, and that should remain a guiding principle for him and the company. Vincent Tang of GreenLight Collectibles deserves to be named the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2023.

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