Ron Ruelle Wilmington Sharks

MCHOF’s Ron Ruelle Draws Interest at Baseball Games

Editor’s note: Okay, so this is not diecast-related, but Model Car Hall of Fame Creative Director and Wheelman Ron Ruelle has a new gig outside of the Hall. It’s evenings and weekends, so he still gets to play with and write about model cars the rest of the week. Enjoy!

As the Wilmington, N.C. Sharks open their 2024 season, there’s someone else drawing interest at the ballpark.

Ron Ruelle, a Wilmington cartoonist, will be creating caricatures for fans all season long at Buck Hardee Field. He will be at his booth near the concession and souvenir stands for almost every home game in 2024.

“This is kind of a dream gig for me,” Ruelle said. “I love creating comics, and I love baseball, so I finally get to combine them in one job.” While his banner shows caricatures of fans of all ages wearing various Sharks gear, he’s happy to draw anyone wearing anything. “You show up in a banana costume, I will draw you in a banana costume,” he laughed.

Ron Ruelle Wilmington Sharks

As for his own attire, look for him in a Sharks jersey, shirt, sweatshirt, or hat. “Someone asked me if I have to wear Sharks stuff,” he said. “Have to? I GET to. They have a nice color set and great logos. The Sharks look sharp!”

He also offers pet caricatures and his patented “Unflattering Caricatures That Only Sorta Look Like You At a Reasonable Price.” There’s lots of ways we can do this, he said.

As for watching games all season, Ruelle explains that his booth is tucked behind the grandstand, so he doesn’t have much of a view. “That’s okay,” he said. “I hope to be looking at my artist pad most of the game anyway. Also, it’s nice and shady there.”

The Wilmington Sharks are members of the Coastal Plain League, a collegiate wood-bat summer league. Ruelle will be at most home games when the gates open 90 minutes before first pitch. You can see more of his work at

Ron Ruelle Wilmington Sharks

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