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Microcar Models Australia Brings Their Tiny Models to hobbyDB’s Official Archives

Our friends at hobbyDB have just announced Microcar Models Australia as the latest brand to host their Official Archive on the site. These archives are filled with the most complete listings of a diecast brand, right from the company. While you might find all of a company’s models on the brand website, hobbyDB allows easy comparisons among other manufacturers.

If you’re not familiar with MMA, they specialize in some real oddball vehicles. As the name suggests, you’ll find lots of bubble cars, kei trucks, and bubbles on wheels. At 1/43 scale, most are on par size-wise with 1/64 scale models. There are some familiar marques like the BMW Isetta (although it’s a truck!), Suzuki (you’ve likely never seen a Mighty Boy micro ute!), and obscure makers like Bamby and Lightburn. How small are these? The photos in this article are bigger than the diecast cars!

Danny Draper founded the company in 2018 when he couldn’t find little models of his little favorites. You can also read more about all of Microcar Models Australia’s offerings on the company website.

MMA BMW_Isetta_250_Van