Minichamps Now Offering 3D-Printed Models in Popular Model Railroading Scales

A short while back we ran an article about what 3D modeling will mean to diecast collectors. The ability to create almost infinite variants of a car in all scales and colors is exciting but also a huge handful for completists.

Minichamps is crossing into a new horizon in the field offering 3D printed models of certain cars in multiple popular scales. The idea makes a lot of sense. Once the file has been created, it just takes a few settings to create a detailed model in 1/43, 1/64, 1/87, and many others.


So far, Minichamps has released a Ford Cosworth, a Mercedes-Benz G, and a first-gen Chevy Camaro Z28 in multiple scales. For starters, hey are being sold in scales that match Z, N, TT, and HO scales. So the focus is on cars for model railroad use for the time being.

The ability to create a highly detailed car in 1/220 scale (!!!) is pretty amazing. Obviously, some smaller details will become too tiny to be seen at that scale, but the overall proportions and shapes will be unlike anything ever seen at that size. For now, the cars are all molded in generic white with gray interiors and will need to be painted to your level of detailing ability. Wheels and tires are shown in black and silver, however, so that’s a nice touch. Also, the smallest scales will not have clear plastic window pieces, so good luck there.


Minichamps reportedly plans to offer scenery items such as barrels, crates, pallets, and small structures in the main model railroad scales. Assuming these are successful, there is no reason they can’t expand their offerings to bigger scales and more models. 

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