Model Car Brand of the Year – GreenLight Collectibles

What’s the phrase synonymous with “go” in American culture? GreenLight! Taking that name to heart, GreenLight collectibles has been charging ahead in the diecast world since 2001. Starting as a manufacturer of race cars and pace cars for Indianapolis motor speedway, greenLight has grown into a company with more awesome licensing deals with your favorite shows, movies and culture than any other diecast manufacturer. Things like Fast and the furious, supernatural, the A-Team, gone in 60 seconds, the walking dead, you name it! The Green light is still brightly shining for the company, having signed 4 more big licensing agreements just this last year.

GreenLight has been honored by their home state of Indiana as one of the fastest growing companies in the state and have added more and more brands into their portfolio, like GMP, First Response Replicas, Highway 61 and Precision Miniatures.

GreenLight has excelled in a unique way, reaching many different niches in the diecast world and focusing on a huge part of that world, making cars in 1:64 and 1:18th scale but also less common scales like 1:24 and 1:43. Beyond just different franchises we know and love, there’s different themes like Hitch and Tow, the Blue Collar collection, Estate wagons and so many more.

GreenLight is a company that continues to innovate while consistently making great model cars, that’s why we’re proud to welcome them to the hall of fame as Model Car Brand of the Year. 


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