Model Car Brand of the Year: Tamiya

Model companies, like the machines they recreate, have grown in size, diversity and complexity. From handmade recreations to digitally rendered and mass produced, Tamiya is one of those companies that has continued to lead in the hobby and grow along with it. With its beginnings in 1948 making model ships, Tamiya has grown to offer more than 3,000 products.

In 1968, the company was the first from Japan to showcase at the industry standard Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. In the late 80’s, the company was surpassing tens of millions of units sold, and opened up a headquarters in L.A. to create a foothold in the USA.


Nowadays, Tamiya produced model kits, static models, RC cars, trucks, accessories and more for just about every vehicle there is. With headquarters in Japan, the Philippines and the U.S., Tamiya continues to supply leading kits and RC cars around the world.