Novice Model Brand of the Year – Goldvarg Collection

The Goldvarg collection is the the culmination of the lifelong passion of one guy, Sergio Goldvarg. Sergio hails from Beunos Aires, where growing up his parents fueled his matchbox obsession and by the age of ten, Sergio was restoring beat up matchbox and selling his work to local shops. Later Sergio worked as one of the few journalists in Argentina covering motor racing and scale cars, helping fuel the countries diecast scene.

Sergio’s first big diecast role was with Buby, an Argentine manufacturer and one of the first (in the 60’s) to use suspension on their models. Sergio worked as an advisor, helping design Renault and Chevrolet models among others.

All the while, he continued to collect, becoming a double Guinness world record holder with a collection of more than 12,000 cars. Despite the size of his collection and the deep ties to model cars in Argentina, Sergio was still frustrated that he couldn’t find many of his favorite cars in Argentina.

Sergio took matters into his own hands, starting the company we’re here celebrating today: The Goldvarg Collection. Goldvarg became the first white-metal diecast company in all of South America, no easy task.

Sergio created an entire manufacturing process from scratch, from melting the metal all the way to finishing touches. The work paid off. Early castings of classic American cars from the ‘57 Starfire, to the Chrysler Imperial to the Kaiser Henry J. created demandall over the world.  

Sergio eventually settled in the states, but continues Goldvarg today. Sergio was first inducted into the Diecast Hall of Fame in 2014, recognizing his huge achievements in collecting and forwarding the hobby. This year, we’re inducting Sergio’s Goldvarg Collection. We believe his models, even apart from his inspiring story, represent something special in the model car world.


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