Model Car Hall of Fame Brands of the Year

Brands are a big part of diecast collecting. Collectors and entrepreneurs in this hobby are always following their passions to create and share great cars, models and products with the community at large. Here’s our Class of 2019, featuring the new category of Content Creator. 


Automotive Brand of the Year: McLaren

Started by New Zealand F1 driver Bruce McLaren in 1963, McLaren has become synonymous with sports car innovation. After years of success in the racing world, McLaren began making roadcars in the ’80s as McLaren Cars before rebranding as McLaren Automotive, creating the already legendary F1, P1, Senna and other supercars.

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Model Car Brand of the Year: Tamiya

With its beginnings in 1948 making model ships, Tamiya has grown to become a leader in model kits, RC cars and more. Nowadays, Tamiya offers more than 3,000 products. With headquarters in Japan, the Philippines and the U.S., Tamiya continues to supply leading kits and RC cars around the world.

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Model Car Dealer of the Year: Collectible Diecast

Started in the early days of the internet by collector Eli Strickland, mostly through eBay, Collectible Diecast has become a widely visited diecast and model car collectibles site with a huge array of products. After being sold by Strickland, Collectible Diecast was acquired by Collectible Brands, a Georgia-based company with a number of sites catering to collectors.

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Novice Model Brand of the Year: Almost Real

Created by SUMS MODEL TOYS CO., LTD, Almost Real offers highly detailed, mid-price diecast models from a range of luxury manufacturers like Mercedes, Land Rover, Bentley and more. With a growing lineup, Almost Real slots nicely into a growing world of diecast manufacturing with a fresh focus on many different types of vehicles.

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Supplier Brand of the Year: Moon Eyes

Immediately recognizable to hot rodders, Moon Eyes, with the iconic wide-eyed logo, supplies all types of hot rodding accessories, from stickers to performance parts. Beginning around the birth of hot rodding in the ’50s, Moon Eyes continues it’s legacy helping cars go fast and look good from its original home in southern California.

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Content Creator of the Year: The Scale Modeling Channel

From the Netherlands, the Scale Modeling Channel posts dozens and dozens of carefully shot videos on model cars, from builds to showcases to unboxings. With kits from Hasegawa, Tamiya, AMT and plenty more, the Scale Modelling channel is a great resource for builders, fans, and anyone who wants to sample a ton of great models.

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