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Model Car Hall of Fame Could Use a Jump From Y’all

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

Howdy, diecast nuts! Ron Ruelle, the new Creative Director of The Model Car Hall of Fame here, asking for your participation!

Since I started as Creative Director here, I’ve been trying to fill the site with news, reviews, commentary, history, and listicles. It’s a lot of fun, believe me. But it’s also a lot of work. And quite frankly, if I’m the main voice here, you’re going to get a lot of opinions on my favorite topics, which I think are pretty great. But maybe you want to read about something else. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for guest contributors to create articles for our Model Car Hall. If you’re passionate about model cars and the diecast hobby, here’s your chance to sound off. We’re looking for a different voice. On different topics. From different perspectives. Bring those creative jumper cables and add a spark to the site! Now for some deets!

It’s fun and free!
Okay, just to be clear… you are doing this for fun. It doesn’t pay. That’s the free part. Sorry. It’s a hobby. But this is a chance for you to voice your passions, stretch your creative muscles, and have a little fun.

We tend to cover a lot of the most popular brands in diecast, which makes some sense. Occasionally, we specifically cover the more obscure brands for some reason (like an actual list of obscure diecast brands). So this is your chance to share your favorite unnoticed brands or models with the diecast collecting community.

What are we looking for?
• Product reviews
• Personal history (with a model or a real car)
• Listicles! Top 5 whatevers (Let’s stick to 5… more than that gets a little long)

Sounds great! How do I do it?
First, send a prospectus or an outline of what you want to write about. Please don’t send the entire article. Email Ron Ruelle at

If we like your idea, we’ll be in touch, so you can then write it up!
Keep it short-ish. 600 words is great. 800 is stretching it. Over 1,000, it needs some trimming. Also, for listicles or rankings, stick to a top 5 at the most.

Also, please provide a few (like 5 or so) images that we can use. They should be at least 600 pixels wide and not subject to copyright restrictions. JPG and PNG formats are best.

Please don’t send anything that has been published elsewhere, even if it’s yours. If you do have a previously published article of interest, we can always write up a blurb on MCHOF and link to the existing article.

We’ll include a byline with a headshot and a short one-sentence bio if you like.

What’s the catch?
Well, as we mentioned, you’re doing this for fun. So again, there is no monetization.

On the other hand, it can make a nice portfolio piece if you’re an aspiring or professional writer. You can link your writing on your own website. Seriously, we don’t mind. You get your exposure, we get clicks, too.

We don’t promise we’ll run every single article. So again, send us your basic outline and we’ll let you know if we are interested before you write it.

We hope to hear from you soon with your awesome ideas. In the meantime, happy collecting! 

Got an idea for an article? Go to the CONTACT US button at the bottom of the page. Or email Ron Ruelle at

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