Ron Ruelle

Model Car Hall Taps Ron Ruelle as Creative Director and Wheelman

The Model Car Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Ron Ruelle as its new Creative Director and Wheelman. Ruelle will take over most creative and editorial duties, rounding up the most important news in the diecast collecting hobby along with his own unique perspectives, listicles, rankings, and musings on the subject.

He has worked for hobbyDB for the last 9 years, originally as full-time Social Media Guru and writer, and more recently as an occasional contributor to the site’s blogs. In addition to his many articles about diecast, he has also weighed in on bobbleheads, action figures, comic books, trading cards, and pop culture in general.

“I started collecting model cars before I can remember,” Ruelle said. “I had Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightning cars to race around and bash into each other on various tracks.” While some may cringe at the abuse heaped on those toys, he still has quite a few of them in various conditions.

Ron Ruelle

His favorite toy vehicles were the Kenner SSP racers and Smash-Up Derby cars from the 1970s. While he had only a few of them as a kid, he now has a bookshelf in his studio office devoted to over 75 different models of the 1/25 scale plastic cars.

“I remember him showing up at his interview at hobbyDB in 2015,” said Christian Braun, co-founder of that company as well as Chair of the MCHOF. “He brought an original Hot Wheels lunchbox to the interview, filled with several model vehicles and other collectibles. Of course, he was hired on the spot.”

“I’m looking forward to this new adventure,” Ruelle said. “I get to scoot model cars around my desk and write about them for a living. Who wouldn’t love that?”

In addition to hobbyDB, Ruelle has previously worked for Chevelle World magazine and also for advertising agencies that specialized in automotive clients. He is also a cartoonist and author, with a dozen books to his credit. You can see more of his work at You can also reach him at