Model CarlHall of Fame Calls for 2022 Awards Nominations

As we hurtle down the track toward the end of 2022, we’re assembling a list of the finest diecast models from this calendar year. The 2022 Model Car Hall of Fame Awards will be announced later this year, honoring the best new diecast as well as some historic models and the people behind the hobby.

If you have any suggestions, send us a message using the Contact Form at the bottom of the page! Give us a SHORT description and a link if possible. Feel free to nominate all, or a few, or just one category that’s important to you. 

Submissions are due by August 15, 2022 for consideration. The categories are:

New Models (Includes, trucks, buses, construction vehicles, whatever, as long as it was a new offering this past year.)

• 1/8-1/12 Scale

• 1/12-1/8 Scale

• 1/43-1/55 Scale

• 1/25-1/25 Scale

• 1/64 Scale

• 1/87 and Smaller Scale

• Slot Car

And for the people behind the hobby:

• Model Car Historian

• Model Car Designer

• Model Car Entrepreneur

• Model Car Customizer

• Automotive Legend

• Brand of the Year (Diecast or 1/1 Automotive Companies)