Model Farm Equipment of the Year – Schlüter Super

When you think “purpose built”, maybe you think of something like a 911 GT3, a road car stripped down and improved for racing. Well I’m here to tell you about the most purpose built wheeled vehicles ever: Yes that’s right, it’s the tractor.

Think about it: Tractor’s are the most important vehicles in the world. We all need our tasty snacks, farmer’s have to get around and tractor’s can handle many jobs on the farm, not just planting, but plowing, hauling, you name it. Tractor’s inspire just as much at sports cars, and that’s part of why we added Farm Equipment to our long list of awards. 

Anton Schlüter is a german agricultural equipment company started way back in 1899, before cars were even a thing. In 1937, they began building tractors and much later, massive tugs including the most powerful tug in the world in the mid eighties.

That’s part of what makes scale tractors fun. It goes to show that so many vehicles can be exciting, and it’s possible to have a passion for any of them.  The Weise-Toys 1055 Schlüter Super 1250 V is a standout. The signature Schlüter red paint shines, the steering, with it’s articulating front suspension and exposed shaft, is completely functional. So are the folding rear load bars.

The driver’s compartment and engine are fully detailed, and almost make you want to don some overalls, hop in and hit the field. The Weise-Toys 1055 Schlüter Super 1250 V is our Inductee for Model Farm Equipment of the year. 


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