Model Kit of the Year – 2CV Fourgonette

The 2CV is in many ways a car in the right place at the right time. Through production was interrupted twice by world wars, the basic premise of the 2cv: a cheap and capable car for the masses, continued to propel it forward against all odds.

The 2cv radically changed the whole idea of car design. It was not a bespoke carriage for the ultra rich, nor was it simply a literal carriage with a motor slapped in to ferry the rest of us. It was built to be cheap, but it was also built to excel, with radical ideas for everything from the suspension to the windshield wipers.

2CV kit progress on Tapatalk

The engine, just two cylinders and with the power of a modern push lawnmower, was air-cooled, but extremely simple and extremely long lived. The suspension was all independent, featuring two horizontally mounted sets of springs, one for each axle, that compressed inwards over bumps. This design gave the car extremely soft and long travel suspension while allowing all 4 wheels to remain on the road even with huge amounts of body roll.

2CV kit progress on Tapatalk

By the time the 2CV had gained a waiting list, it featured such luxuries as an electric starter and a speedometer. Throughout its life, it enjoyed renewed periods of interest during times of recession and fuel shortage while remaining nearly the same as it’s late 40’s debut all the way until 1990. Many iterations of the 2cv existed, including dual motor 4wd versions, trucks and this Fourgonnette.

The Fourgonette is my favorite of the 2cv models. It looks like someone has reversed a 2cv into a shed. Some versions carried removable rear seats, for businessman to use as a delivery van on weekdays and a family car on weekends.

This kit is a collaboration between Tamiya and Ebbro, faithfully recreating the cars few features, including the flip up window glass, 2 cylinder motor, working suspension and opening doors. This kit is a beautiful compliment to the storied and interesting history of the 2CV. We’re happy to induct it as our Model Kit of the Year.

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