Model Truck of the Year: Mercedes Argentina Bus

Let’s just get this on the record: Buses can be cool, too. Yesterday’s Inductee, the 1/87 Scale GM 1404 from Iconic, distinguished itself as the most advanced bus of the time. Today’s Model Truck of the year is also a cool bus, representing a different milestone for a different manufacturer.

Mercedes had been making heavy-duty trucks and buses since it’s inception, way back in the late 1800’s. This bus made it’s way to South America after its assembly in Mercedes’ first foreign factory in Argentina. This LO 1112 was mechanically fairly standard, but what really sets it apart is the paint. Argentina, like several countries around the world, had many private bus services all in competition. Who ever has the most eye-catching paint scheme, the thinking goes, will get the most customers. Thus, one Hector Prieto decorated the bus you see here for duty across Buenos Aires.

This 1:43 scale model from IXO faithfully captures this bus, which has since been restored and saved in a museum in Stuttgart. IXO’s model has ample chrome, an accurate representation of the rich paint work and a nicely detailed interior. With such a unique history and look, this bus is a great addition to the Hall.