Our First Book! Hot Wheels Casting and Price Guide

The Model Car Hall of Fame has grown a ton in the last year, now reaching more than 4 million collectors through its Community Supporter program. As the Hall is growing, we’re always looking for ways to promote the hobby and introduce you all to great stuff from our partners. The newest result of our quest comes in the form of the Hall’s first book! It was written by Jim Garbaczewski, a class of 2016 Inductee and published in partnership with Hot Wheels Newsletter and hobbyDB.  Thanks also to William Taylor from Coterie Press who did a fantastic job in getting the book printed and supplied to us!  The Hot Wheels Casting and Price Guide is now available on the Hall’s own Marketplace (which is also new!).

With 228 pages and 3,300 color photos, this guide is a great way to catalogue your collection, bolster your knowledge about Hot Wheels from 2008-2017 or scope out some amazing cars you may not have known about. Beyond the amount of detail or the simple fact of having a sweet looking, hefty guide on your coffee table, the coolest thing about this casting guide is that it was made at all!

Books like these are getting harder and harder to find. Many publishers have stopped producing model car guides, and while there are some great online resources that are filling in the gaps, if you’re anything like me I’m sure you agree that the feeling of a nice book in your hands is hard to replicate. See for yourself in the video below!

As you can see, a big reason why we published this recent casting book, and why we’re working to publish more books, is that fewer and fewer publishers do. The model car hobby is going as strong as it ever has, amazing models are still being produced, and you all deserve a proper guide to learn as much about them as you can. We have 2 more books in the pipeline and are looking for more ideas!

In that same spirit, we’re also making a special offer on the Hot Wheels Casting and Price Guide. If you enter the code “modelcarhall” during checkout, you’ll get 10% off. If you have a club contact us, we can create a special club code to help your members get an even better deal!

We can’t wait to send even more cool stuff your way. Stay tuned for some big announcements (sign up below), and don’t forget to support the Hall so we can keep celebrating our favorite hobby.

3 thoughts on “Our First Book! Hot Wheels Casting and Price Guide

  1. This book is an invaluable reference for the Hot Wheels collector and I highly recommend it. If you have the earlier editions, this book continues right from where those left off. No matter how much you may think you know about a particular casting, there is a very good chance you will learn something new.

  2. A very good news for that kind of updated and informative collectors book. I hope we can buy in Hong Kong. I can help to co-ordinate with Mattel Hong Kong for those who like this book.

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