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Model Car Dealer of the Year – Replicarz

Our Model Car Dealer of the Year describes itself as a diecast distributor doing something differently in the digital age, a family-owned business coming out of Vermont. Started in 1990 by all around car guy Mark Fothergill, Replicarz offers collectors over 3,000 models in scales ranging from 1:87 all the way up to 1:8. In […]

Novice Model Brand of the Year – Goldvarg Collection

The Goldvarg collection is the the culmination of the lifelong passion of one guy, Sergio Goldvarg. Sergio hails from Beunos Aires, where growing up his parents fueled his matchbox obsession and by the age of ten, Sergio was restoring beat up matchbox and selling his work to local shops. Later Sergio worked as one of […]

Supplier Brand of the Year – Gulf Oil

From oil prospecting days down in turn of the century Texas, Gulf Oil and its various partners, subsidiaries and spin offs have grown into an important player in one of the worlds most dominant industries. For car people, though, Gulf is more than a multinational corporation. It’s a legendary race sponsor, draping beautiful colors over […]

Model Car Brand of the Year – GreenLight Collectibles

What’s the phrase synonymous with “go” in American culture? GreenLight! Taking that name to heart, GreenLight collectibles has been charging ahead in the diecast world since 2001. Starting as a manufacturer of race cars and pace cars for Indianapolis motor speedway, greenLight has grown into a company with more awesome licensing deals with your favorite […]

Automotive Brand of the Year – Porsche

From its beginnings re-engineering beetle parts into sports cars to its long history of successfully taming a less-than ideal engine layout, Porsche has proven adept at tackling the most difficult engineering problems. The engineers in Stuttgart have always used this to build incredible 1:1 cars, which in turn have inspired amazing models. This Year, Porsche […]

Model Farm Equipment of the Year – Schlüter Super

When you think “purpose built”, maybe you think of something like a 911 GT3, a road car stripped down and improved for racing. Well I’m here to tell you about the most purpose built wheeled vehicles ever: Yes that’s right, it’s the tractor. Think about it: Tractor’s are the most important vehicles in the world. […]