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Let’s Salute the “Most American” Diecast Vehicles!

greenwood corvette slot car

Since it’s the Fourth of July week, we thought we’d look at the most American cars of all. Sure, you can have your Tri-Chevies,  Mustangs, and Dodge pickups, but we’re using our own unique criteria here. Also, we’re talking about diecast.

Life-Size Python Slithers onto Auction Stage

Hot Wheels Python auction

Mecum Auctions has a 1/1-scale custom Python slated to roll across the stage soon. It started as a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, but now is a rolling tribute to the Hot Wheels Python.

Corgi Model Club USA Recreates Diecast Joy by Subscription

corgi club Jag Et ype

For decades, Corgi has been the biggest player in affordable 1/43 scale diecast. The company has always offeredmodels that are based on stylish, popular cars that aren’t over-represented in diecast. Corgi Model Club USA gives you a chance to get these cars brand new again at a reasonable price.

Ron’s Rewind: Why is Collectible Packaging Worth so much?


In this article for hobbyDB, we looked at the value of packaging, which is often essential to the value of an item. In the case of some toys, however, the obsession over super-mint items made them less loved and ultimately less valuable because of a lack of fond memories (lookin’ at you, Beanie Babies!).