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Immersed: Marshall Buck Joins the Selection Committee

Marshall Buck, The newest member of the Model Car Hall of Fame Selection Committee, possess experience in every corner of the model car hobby, from building and collecting to business and entrepreneurship.

Marshall Buck
Marshall with some of his creations.

Beginning with diecast from big European names, Marshall quickly added kits and slot cars to his growing scale vehicle interest, and with some encouragement from family members, landed a freelance gig with Aurora Toy Corporation while still a teenager.

Marshall maintained his model passion outside of school, buying, trading, building and selling while working in different day jobs. Soon, one of Marshall’s customers lit the spark that would begin his career in model cars, urging him to consider doing the work full-time.

That’s exactly what Marshall did, starting his own, larger volume producer: Creative Miniature Associates, or CMA.  Later, he also began writing a featured model column for Vintage Motorsport Magazine, beginning a ten year stint with the publication, all the while growing CMA and handling requests for custom models.

Throughout the ensuing years, Marshall has honed CMA into a renowned model builder, producing hand-built models in a variety of scales (many uncommon) like 1:20, 1:14, 1:43, plus 1:12 limited edition hand built models and kits. These limited editions stand among the best known CMA creations, often based on famous race cars and signed by famous race drivers.

Through CMA, Marshall has worked with some storied names over the years, building models for manufacturers like Toyota, Ferrari, Aston Martin and many more. With so much experience, Marshall continues to be in high demand, contributing to dozens of automotive publications over the years. His passion for cars shows no signs of waning, and we hope he’ll continue to make great connections and help make 2019 a great year for the Hall.



Selection Committee – Bruce Meyer and his Dream Material

In the digital age, it seems we’ve entered another golden era for cars. It’s easier than ever for your average guy to find and appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a whole range of cars from all around the world, not just what’s at their local used car lot or cruise night. A big reason for this renaissance: some decidedly un-average car guys, who’ve opened up their collections and knowledge to be appreciated by the latest generations of enthusiast. Bruce Meyer is one of these enthusiasts and we’re happy to have his talent on the Selection Committee.

Bruce’s contributions to automotive culture build a long list. Of course, there’s his personal collection, a physical manifestation of the years Bruce has spent racing and touring around the world in events like the Mille Miglia and Goodwood. The 4 1/2 Litre Bentley, the Bonneville Belly Tanker, the 356 outlaw with the 912 motor; most of Bruce’s cars have participated or continue to participate in motorsport. Many now reside in Bruce’s Beverly Hills Garage, a tasteful, moderately sized space which also houses Bruce’s collection of model cars, automotive literature and memorabilia. Far from some cloistered, vacuum sealed museum, Bruce has allowed many guests, including automotive media guys like Adam Corolla, to film the space for years.

His collection has made such an impression that it inspired a few model cars, such as the Hot Wheels Pop’s Garage, Designer Dreamz and the Bruce Meyer’s Gallery sets.

Then there’s the other collections Bruce has started or championed, including the world-renowned Petersen Museum, the Nethercutt Collection, the Mullin Automotive Museum and the LeMay Museum.

Bruce has won numerous awards for his work, among them an induction to the Model Car Hall of Fame. We’re sure he’ll continue to make a lasting impression on the automotive scene, and we’re happy to have his input in the Model Car Hall of Fame. Check out the video below for a closer look at Bruce’s collection.

Model Car Historian – Christian Falkensteiner

Christian Falkensteiner is a guy with a singular goal: providing a complete and accurate database of the model cars he loves.  Whether it’s matchbox or Citroen Models, Falkensteiner database provides a clear, detailed and painstakingly thorough look at these model’s history. Check out some here, and if you love these models, visit the site yourself and learn more than you ever thought possible. With all his work, Christian is a natural fit for Model Car Historians this year’s Hall of Fame. 

Automotive Artist – Cris Cross

Cars and drawing have always been closely intertwined, after all most car designs to this day begin with a drawing. Cristian Cross is an artist dwelling firmly in the drawing stage, developing a passion for capturing cars with pencils and paint as strong as driving them.

Like many in the slightly younger generation of car people, Cris was captivated early on by network shows on TV about cars. One of these was Chip Foose’s: Overhaulin’. Watching Chip Foose seemingly effortlessly sketch out his idea to overhaul the cars of unsuspecting marks made a huge impression. As Cris says in his biography, he had found a hero.

Cris continues drawing photorealistic portraits of Muscle cars and others, and you can clearly see Foose’s influence on Cris’s own 78 Corvette, featuring bright striking paintwork and large badges bearing Cris’s own name, just like a Foose build.

Cris’s passion has become his living, with his business Draw My Ride offering custom portraits and prints of any car you may desire. Cristian considers this a way to take a snapshot of an enthusiasts passion, capturing a moment in the complex story that any car person has with their ride.

Here’s a quote from Cris about what he does: “There is a lot of joy and satisfaction in drawing. You owe it to the car to do it justice. What people likes seems like a mix of what you thought was cool when you were a little kid and what you think today is impossible to get, what you wouldn’t see unless you made the effort to create or acquire it.”

With undeniable talent, a great appreciation of cars and an inspiring story, we’re happy to welcome Cris to the Hall of Fame.


Automotive Legend – Ken Block

Youtube, drifting…millions of views, likes and shares…if you’re part of modern car culture, or you want to understand it, you’ve got to start with one man: Ken Block. Block got his start in rally, driving with the Vermont SportsCar team back in 2005 and since then he’s competed in WRC, World Rallycross and other series with success. Where Block immediately stands out is in car content.

Gymkhana 1 and 2 took the world by storm. These videos initially came in large part through block and DC Shoes, the company he co-founded. The Gymkhana series takes an obscure Japanese motorsport and adds incredible cinematics, stunts, pure automotive noise and a hefty dose of Monster Energy Drink to create some of the most unique and captivating car culture in history.

Since their debut, gymkhana have only gotten better and more outrageous, featuring the same beautiful, daring stunts in downtown LA, Downtown London, Downtown San Francisco, Dubai and even Pikes Peak.

Hoonigan, the Media arm of Ken Block’s operation jump started by his Gymkhana videos, has grown to more than 2 million subscribers and 300 million views. These days, Hoonigan in many ways sets the trend in car culture, it’s merchandise grace everything from race cars to minivans, and it’s editing style has become more ubiquitous in the growing automotive youtube scene.

Not bad for someone who got their start in one of America’s more obscure automotive sports. With the undeniable impact that Ken Block’s talent has made, we’re happy to welcome him to the Hall of Fame as an Automotive Legend.

Slot Car Racer of the Year – Mike Swiss

Mike Swiss is a guy with passion for his favorite hobby, and that hobby is slot cars. Swiss honed his racing skills into multiple national championships and two world championships, proof enough of his talent. Slot cars then carried over into Mike’s career, where he worked as manager of Koford Engineering’s slot car divison for nearly two decades. These days, Mike still isn’t done with slot cars. In 2005, he opened Chicagoland Raceway, the full service slot car racing facility he runs to this day.

Chicagoland hosts everything from Monthly slot car races to diverse weekly events for all levels of experience. Each track at Chicagoland was built by Swiss himself, taking months.

Beyond just racing, the “full service” side comes into play with workstation for building and maintaining cars, an activity Mike frequently gets in on himself.

Mike Swiss has had a lifelong dedication to spreading the joy of slot cars, and we’re happy to have him in the Hall of Fame.