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Kansas City Hot Wheels Bonanza

Run, don’t walk, to Overland Park, just outside of Kansas City, from today until July 20th. Why? 100,000 Hot Wheels from a personal collection are about to go on sale. From mainlines to rare cars such as Leo Mattels, all the cars belonged to an unnamed collector in the Mo-Kan Hotwheelers group who passed away. […]

NASCAR diecast: Where it All Began

An hour North of Atlanta, just when the highways begin to resemble roads rather than a packed NASCAR starting grid, but before you reach the southern Appalachians, you’ll find an unexpectedly important part of NASCAR history. Dawsonville, the North Georgia suburb and one-time hub for moonshiners, is home to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame, […]

Celebrating Larger-than-life 2009 Inductee Roy Nakamura

Guest Post from Andy Goodman Andy organizes car and collector events, collects Hot Wheels, Funko, Jada, M2 and more, works for M2 Machines and has consulted for many other toy companies.  He is also one of our Inductees (Model Historian in 2014) and has organized a number of the Annual Ceremonies for the Hall.  Here […]

Jim Bur joins the Selection Committee

Think about what brings you to the hobby. Maybe you saw a particular model that you loved, maybe you collect models close to the car you own or used to own. What if your job, your hobby, and even your daily driver became a cohesive, extensive catalogue of your favorite brand? Our newest selection committee […]