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1/43 Scale Car of the Year: Goldvarg ’53 Ford Country Squire

It’s the 50’s. The US believes more strongly in it’s mission than ever, and your parents (or grandparents) need a bigger car to ferry Jimmy and Beatrice to and from baseball, ballet, and school across the miles of just-opened interstate. Ford is here to answer the call. The country squire is a big, practical wagon, […]

Blockbuster: PhillyMint 1970 Challenger

When you think of film cars, the Vanishing Point Challenger has to come to mind. This screaming white muscle car, racing across the deserts for only the thinnest of reasons, brought plenty of car fans to the theater just to see an already iconic car on the big screen. The Challenger stood then, and still […]

1/18th Scale Car of the Year: DNA Collectibles Volvo P1800

Starting just last year, DNA collectibles has distinguished itself with some great models we usually don’t see in scale, like the Subaru Baja, Saab 9-3 Viggen, and Peel P50, to name a view. In the trend of showcasing cool, off-the-beaten path cars, we arrive at this Volvo P1800. After the success of the Amazon, a […]

1/8th – 1/12th Scale Car of the Year: Minichamps Porsche 917K

Endurance racing…you’ve probably heard of it. Racing for 12 or 24 hours on a single circuit, where laps matter more than who crosses the finish line in what order, have always been a huge proving ground for manufacturers and drivers to demonstrate engineering excellence and driving determination. The cars that win on these circuits become […]

Celebrating Over 200 Inductees

Our  2019 awards are out, and with 26 awards, this marks our biggest class ever. We have a new logo, a new Collector of the Year, new inductees for best 1/18th scale and 1/64 scale car and so much more.     These collectors, cars, brands and legends join an ever-growing list who’ve made an […]

2019 Model Car Hall of Fame Inductee Class

Automotive Artist: Marcello Gandini Born in Turin, Marcello Gandini began designing for now-legendary marque Lamborghini early in their history as head of Bertone.  As the designer behind the legendary Miura and Countach, Gandini has solidified his position as one of the great designers in automotive history.   Automotive Legend: Giorgetto Giugiaro Sponsored by Hagerty Insurance […]