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8 Real-Life Customs That Became Hot Wheels Vehicles – hobbyDB

If you had a chance to see the Hot Wheels Legends Tour this summer, it was an amazing gathering of customs, hot rods, stock cars, whatever’s cool in car culture. Each stop on the tour featured lots of local cars, but there were also several amazing customs that made it to every location. In addition to being […]

Vote for Collector of the Year

The collecting community, AKA you folks, are what make this hobby fun. The Model Car Hall of Fame has always been collector owned and run, here to bring people together to celebrate and highlight the best of the hobby. Many collectors out there are working to support groups, maintain diecast databases, and just generally help […]

Vote For Model Car Historian

We’re lucky that diecast and model cars have such a rich history. From lead and slush cast cars going back to the dawn of the automobile, through MatchBox, Hot Wheels and up to the crazy, CAD-designed composite cars we have today, there’s a lot out there to keep track of. Some folks have gone to […]

Inductee Tony Karamitsos designs some awesome diecast

As hobbyDB grows into new collectible territory, diecast remains one of our most important core categories. Over the years we’ve had a chance to talk to a lot of legends and heavy hitters in the industry to find out what makes them tick. Tony Karamitsos has been a designer for several important brands over the […]

Vote for Slot Car Racer of the Year

Slot cars can race over difficult, technical tracks at more than 800mph scale-speed. Piloting one of these lightning bolts requires some series reflexes and often building skills. Slot Car Racers, therefore, are a dedicated group of folks. Here’s this year’s nominees  for Slot Car Racer of the Year as chosen by you and our Selection […]

Vote for Model Car Entrepreneur

We’ve all got a favorite diecast brand. Whether classic or recent, small or big, all these brands got their start with some creative, passionate folks. Here’s this year’s nominees  for Model Car Entrepreneur as chosen by you and our Selection Committee. Vote for Model Car Entrepreneur