Hot Wheels Trouble Decker

Red, Tall, Weirdly Handsome… Meet the Hot Wheels Trouble Decker

Quick, name the most iconic vehicle from Great Britain. Mini Cooper? Jaguar E-Type? Austin Healy roadster?

How about the London Double Decker bus? It’s been around for decades, and despite its modern evolution, it’s an unmistakable icon for the whole country. There have been many diecast models of the classic Double Decker, but none quite like the newest from Hot Wheels.

The Trouble Decker, a name that just begs for a wild design, is a hot-rodded version of the bus. There’s a big engine in the middle to take up a bunch of seats (or so we think… transparent windows would have been a nice choice for this model). 

Hot Wheels Trouble Decker

On the other hand, next to the driver’s offset cabin, right-hand drive, of course, is a monster hood scoop, which is a perfect use of the prototype’s quirky design. The huge pipes sticking out from the undercarriage and the huge slicks giving it a nice rake finish off a fantastic design.

This one should be appearing in tons of colors over the next few years. For now, jump on board this first variant that classic red with the Union Jack on the rear spoiler.