RIP Tiny Wozniak, 2017 Nominee & a Real Mensch

Tiny left us on the day nominations closed and immediately a number of Inductees and Nominees suggested an Obituary for Tiny. Anita and other members of Chickluu’s Fabulous Redlines wrote it and we gladly publish it  This post has comments enabled to allow you to share your moments with Tiny.

Tiny was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. From early on everyone knew he was super smart. He was in many contests in school and excelled at anything he touched. He was a smart young man, and especially excelled in math. Back in the 80s he was once on a TV show back for his school. Everyone growing up admired Tiny. They knew that whatever the question he would know the answer and yes, he was going places in life.

He was an entrepreneur even at a young age. He first started off with stickers and would collect any type of sticker and made albums of them. He then started collecting Garbage Pail Kid cards and baseball cards. We ate a lot of bubble gum getting those cards! He once found $100 bill in the ice and decided to collect every flavor of Now & Laters he could find. Back in the Run DMC era he was obsessed with Adidas track suits and made sure he had every color. He also collected the MLB plastic hats when he was younger and had every single one in his collection. He had every console when we were younger for video games and just was obsessed with collecting things. If there was something to collect, he had to have it! All of it! When he was in his 30s he got into collecting baseball cards again. There was a map of the 50 U.S. states you could collect from the baseball cards (Alan & Ginter) and he found every single state. He was the first one to do it and sold it for top dollar.

He didn’t start collecting Hot Wheels really until his late 30s. He started off just collecting Treasure Hunts and then got into Redlines and it all took off from there. When he did something, he did it big. He always wanted the biggest and best and didn’t stop until he achieved his goal.

Tiny was heavily invested into Heavyweights and he was a Heavyweight collecting them!

He owned his own business with other partners, and was very successful. With no kids he was able to be what he always was in life – a kid at heart. His collection continued to grow. His family was in awe over how much he knew about Hot Wheels and he collected cars from all over the world. He went to many conventions and met a lot of friends. He started with Facebook and it took off even more. He always had a want for unique things. It was his passion to find the rarest, or most expensive. It was what kept him busy and his drive in life-passion. He was very passionate and proud and so was his family. They would brag to people that no one ever would see a collection like his. He would always say it was his legacy. He was always thinking what was next, what he could do. It saddens us to think what really could have came of his extensive collection if he was still here.

A few years ago he started collecting Funko Pops. The same with any collection he had it was extensive. He grew it quick and large. He wanted the best of the best and worked to achieve that. His nephew thought he actually owned a Funko Pop store and would let him shop!  

But what made him so incredibly special was that he was not only passionate about his collections but also about people. He helped anyone that needed it. The expression that he would give you his shirt off his back is an understatement. Family or collector friends, everybody could count on him. After his passing there were so many stories of strangers that told stories. He would freely give to other collectors if he felt that they could not afford something but had wanted it badly. 

Tiny loved life, he loved his family and friends and he loved his collections. Some may not believe that that is something to be proud of, but we know better! Tiny will be greatly missed – but his passion and love for this hobby will live on in other people’s collections now.  In other homes and in our hearts.

29 thoughts on “RIP Tiny Wozniak, 2017 Nominee & a Real Mensch

  1. I had the pleasure of a few late night conversation on Facebook and Tiny volunteered to help build the hobbyDB Redlines catalog, he was so much full of life and kept me up past my bedtime. R.I.P., Tiny!

  2. I had Tiny as one of my friend on CFR… The man was a whealth of knowledge and he helped me out with anwering my questions on Heavyweights when I needed advise… So sad you have left Tiny…Im sure you will smile upon us here there…in Hotwheels Redline Heaven! R.I.P Tiny!

  3. I didn’t know him personally but only through the raffles and Facebook messaging.

    I’m a Detroit boy myself. Born and raised and will always be with me. So I felt that with him.

    May good thoughts be with you knowing he had many friends he met and as many he didn’t physically meet. But felt a connection. He will and is missed.


  4. Tiny was one of a kind! Wish I could have met him in person. He had a huge heart!

    Rest in peace Brother.

    Josh AKA sharky8js

  5. There are some people in this world that you don’t have to know a lifetime to know they are good people. Tiny was one of them. One of the chilliest guys that I’ve met in the hobby and I’m glad to have crossed paths with him. Sadly it was too soon that he had to go but in that short time I can truly say that I’m glad to have called him my friend. Rest In Peace Brother!

  6. I didn’t know Tiny personality. It was only through facebook. He always was very respectful. But made sure you knew how he wanted to run his program. I entered few auctions and never won. When he drew my name, he was just as happy as I was to see it. I had finally won. Thanks big Tiny! Rest in peace brother!

  7. I only knew Tiny a short time but I could tell he was one of a kind. He would bend over backwards to help anyone who asked and we had a few great RL related conversations on Facebook. He will be missed, and I wish I had gotten a chance to know him better. RIP buddy.

  8. Tiny was one of those guys that remembers a previous conversation with you even if it was years passed, “did you end up getting that certain “something” that you were looking for… and if you didn’t he would produce it and say “here you go”… selfless, and giving…
    What a way to be remembered.
    You’re gone too soon my friend… too soon…
    Godspeed Tiny!

  9. Dealing with Tiny and seeing pictures of Tiny online, I always thought he would have been a man of large stature. I got to spend time with Tiny in Indy at a HotWheels Nats event. That is when I realized that this was not the case. Tiny was a laid back man. Tiny spoke the truth, in a soft voice. His intentions were always pure. His heart was gold.
    “Big Tiny”—-you were bigger than all of us.
    Godspeed Brother.
    You will be sorely missed.

  10. Tiny was awesome collector and a good friend. I got to know Tiny through CFR and was amazed at his knowledge of redlines. We had many conversations and not all conversations were about cars. Some were about life and that was his second love next to redlines lol. Tiny was a great person and the world is a little poorer with his loss. R.I.P. my friend, your missed very much bro.

  11. I only had 1 dealing with Tiny, He was a great man to talk to, and a stand up kind of guy. Rest In Peace Tiny.

  12. The joy and passion this man had for the hobby and the people in it was obvious even through text on a computer screen. RIP brother. You will be missed.

  13. It’s been a few days and still trying to get my head around it…. My son sent me a text on Monday I shared with Mitch and figured I’d post here as well. Although he had never actually met Tiny other than via video and phone, and listening to us “cackle” all hours of the night, it looks like he certainly had the right impression of Big T. “Dad I can see how this is tearing you up inside. Please Don’t let it get to you. Memories are something no one can ever take away from you. Tiny wouldnt want anyone sad about it. I wish I knew him better. “.
    SO true from an outside perspective : ) Hope this helps
    You will be mssed my brother!!! Rest well

  14. A couple of years ago, I made a comment on CFR that I didn’t have many Ferrari 312p’s. About a week later, Tiny put 9 of his up for sale and emailed me. I bought them and still have them.
    Even though I believe those are the only cars obtained through Tiny, I can’t forget his demeanor and gratuitous nature. Newcomers in the hobby would unexpectedly receive RAOK’s from him. What a character! Will miss logging on to Facebook and seeing Tiny shake that tub of tickets! I look forward to meeting you someday up there…..just not yet. Not yet.

  15. Top notch and one of the most loyal hobbyist I’ve ever met. This man brought everyone a chance to score some grail pieces. His high-end HotWheels groups all the way to his Funko Pop groups. Tiny went over and beyond to make everyone happy and is was one of the most trusted people to do business with. He is truly loved and missed and the collectors in the hobby will miss out on so much without him. RIP Boss Man! <3

  16. The community lost a pillar way too early! Tiny was a no BS, straight shooter with a heart of gold. I remember how excited he would get about some grail cars to be raffled. Hahaha “Bro!!! This ones going to be a banger! Someone is going to flip when they win this car for $3” Big Tiny took pure enjoyment in landing special cars into many a folks collections. Thank you for your friendship and all the laughs along the road bro. RIP

  17. A Great person and an all around GREAT GUY in the Hot Wheels world..
    Total respect..
    R.I.P. Tiny..

  18. I had the pleasure to know him for about 3 years and partner with him on a funko pop collectors group. He is very much so missed. Great friend!

  19. Tiny was my only brother and his passion for this was over the top. I could go on for days telling you all stories from our life together. The one thing i will mention was he enjoyed making people happy. I could only imagine him winning this will make him smile in heaven. I am truly blown away by the love and respect shown from the many people he touched along the way. I will never forget him and i know he only wanted what was fair for everyone he met. If anything please carry his kindness with you as you live your life. RAOK 4EVER!!! Love all you wonderful people!!

  20. Big “T” was a great guy that was always willing to help out his fellow collector. He found his niche with his raffles where he could put rare cars in the hands of others that would not be able to add them under regular circumstances. He was a stand up guy that pulled no punches and told it like it was which is a rare quality these days. Thanks for all you did for us Tiny, We will miss you.

  21. What can I say about Tiny? He was simply an amazing guy. We both collected heavyweights which led us to cross paths. I’m so fortunate to have met him in Indianapolis at the Hot Wheels Nationals. He was one of the nicest, down to earth guys I’ve ever met. He had a passion for collecting, but I think he enjoyed helping other people grow their collection more. You will be truly missed by so many.

  22. I only discovered Tiny’s raffles this past year but appreciated that he had a way for everyone to have a chance at some very cool cars. He will be missed by even the people who had just come to know him.

  23. Tinys been my bro for a while…. we rolled evwrywhere together…. in the collecring world and in real time…. he helped me obtain quite a few untouchable cars…. i dont think ive ever trusted some one to have my back more…. gonna miss him….

  24. Tiny,

    “All Aces …

    Just way to soon.
    Keep your smile always present & your hands always open & your heart always warm as you keep your eyes upon all of us.
    Gotta think the biggest of Guys required your help to soften up a few souls.
    Although our greetings were few their memories stall remain lasting.
    Fondest ( lol as we did ) remembrance was our chatterin’ on about just what was your birth given name.

    … Thoughts & Prayers”.


  25. We want to thank everyone that posted kind comments about their experiences with Tiny. I met and talked to him a couple of times, but never had the chance to get to know him. From the comments, I now get a better picture of the man, very kind-hearted and likable. It is truly sad for someone like him to leave us so soon.

    Rest in peace Tiny, and may your presence be known at the Diecast Hall of Fame…

  26. Matthew Barnabas.
    Obviously ole God needed a great P.R. man in heaven. Some people live life @ 75% and never make the a ripple in life’s ocean. Tiny, rode/surfed HIS “too short” wave, fully and with real gusto. He lived, loved and gave of himself fully. Just look @ the responses on F/B and social media. He touched many a heart and will remain a warm memory / inspiration to what is really good in many of his friend’s souls. May your warmth and spirit still inspire your family, friends, and loved ones to remember ALL the great times shared and and purge the grief of your quick exit.
    May heaven be everything you deserve and imagined it would be.
    I salute you sir on your early graduation.

  27. Big Tiny held a special place in the Redline-collecting world! And he really loved those Heavyweights!

    We always made a point of getting together at the Hot Wheels Nationals for some quality time . . . shootin’ the breeze and laughing it up. Always had such fun when he was around. For me, the Nationals will never be the same without him. I always looked forward to his humorous texts right before the event and once I got there.

    He is greatly missed. I hope to see him on the other side. Stay cool Big Tiny!


  28. I first Met Tiny at the Oak Brook Convention ( my first of Many )
    He was a Quiet Gentle Giant of a
    Man . I didn’t get to know him better until about a year or So , we
    Both were invited by Anita , Chickluu herself to be Admins of the CFR Facebook Page , from there Our Daily Chats began and
    Began to see what everyone that Known him for any amount of time
    Knew already . he had a big Personality and a Bigger Heart , and I am so grateful to call him a friend and Brother , God speed My friend , See you on the Other side

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