Ron’s Rewind: How Many Hot Dogs Can You Collect in 10 Minutes?

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

Before taking on the role of Creative Director and Wheelman for the Model Car Hall of Fame, Ron Ruelle worked at hobbyDB contributing many articles about diecast. He has also written for other diecast and automotive sites and publications. His articles have ranged from listicles to thought pieces to product reviews to just plain silliness. From time to time, we will highlight some of those pieces that still hold up today.

Hot Dog! You’ll Relish These Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Collectibles

In this article for hobbyDB, we looked at the surprising number of Weinermoblies, In honor of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, we thought you would enjoy consuming them in diecast form.


I ate two hot dogs in ten minutes today, but no one else was around. Also, please don’t eat diecast vehicles. You can read the original article here at hobbyDB.


If you’re hungry for more, there is also the Hot Wheels Street Weiner. Now that’s one spicy sausage!

Street_Wiener Hot Wheels

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who also writes about model cars. You can see his work at www.ronruelle.com

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