The Selection Committee Heats Up: Introducing Fireball Tim Lawrence

We’re excited to announce the newest member of our Selection Committee, Fireball Tim Lawrence. Fireball is a unique talent in the automotive world, and not just for his name. Many people find their niche in one section of car culture or another, but Fireball has made an impact in all of them.

Earlier in his design career, Fireball submitted a few sketches for an as yet unnamed Batman movie with Tim Burton. After his ideas ultimately shaped the film’s Batmobile, Fireball went on to a 25-year career designing cars for hundreds of films, such as Jurassic Park, the Avengers, Gone in 60 Seconds and many, many more. A lot of these cars eventually made it into diecast.

The Batman Returns Batmobile

With so many big-name designs credited to his memorable name, Fireball soon became recognized as a figurehead in the automotive world. This led to television roles hosting shows like “World’s Most Expensive Rides” on Discovery Channel, as well as shows on Speed Channel and TLC.

Fireball in the “Monster Garage” days

As media began to shift online, Fireball used his blog, Fireball Malibu Vlog, as a launchpad to build his successful YouTube channel of the same name. The show now boasts over 760 videos with 30 million viewers across different platforms.

Before, during, and after becoming such a big name in the 1:1 car world, Fireball always had a love of models. Since he was a kid, Fireball has collected Corgis, Dinkies, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox, with a special emphasis on film cars. That basic theme has remained unchanged as the collection has grown. Fireball doesn’t just collect, he’s helped design models, including a special run of Johnny Lightning cars bearing his name. 

The collection

Johnny Lightning even ran a popular Fireball Tim Series with many more models planned before the brand was sold to Tomy.

That’s already enough to hold a vaunted position in the car world, but Fireball’s most memorable trait is the absolute commitment to spreading positivity through car culture. For Fireball, collecting is a way to stay in the moment, and allow everyone in the community to be more creative and do more with what they love. The newest outlet for this commitment from Fireball is a series of books and coloring books, some of which are automotive themed, whose proceeds help support Hope For Paws Charity Dog Rescue. 

This prodigious passion and knowledge will be a huge asset to the Model Car Hall, and we look forward to making a even bigger, more positive impact with Fireball on board.

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