Slot Car Dreams By Philippe De Lespinay

Slot Car Dreams by Philippe De Lespinay is THE ONLY Slot Car Book You Will Ever Need

Slot Car Dreams, authored by Philippe De Lespinay is set to be the leading authority of the history of this amazing, and action-packed hobby

Philippe De LespinayAuthored by Philippe de Lespinay, slot car aficionado, and Model Car Hall Selection Committee member is an extensive tome to the golden days of Slot Car Racing. Featuring the Los Angeles Slot Car Museum’s ( extensive collection. It features forewords by Dan Gurney, Jim Hall & Don Williams. You can watch Philippe’s introduction of the book on YouTube

Filled with minute details, historical facts and studded with more than 800 stunning pictures. This 320-page book is a testament to the passion that has gone into its creation. According to Philippe, this is a decade-long ode to Slot Cars.  This book includes access to the world’s first “interactive” website, with over 90 dynamic links virtually doubling the printed content. You can also catch Ed “Fast Eddie” Shorer’ review of the book on here.

The volume comes in three versions. A limited edition, autographed hardcover for $149. A hardcover for $129 and softcover edition for $74.95 from the website.

The book is edited by Don Siegel, produced by Larry Crane, and published by Electric Dreams.


Philippe De Lespinay

About Philippe De Lespinay

Philippe de Lespinay has traversed the automotive world, from slot cars to race cars to diecast. Beginning as a model kit designer at Heller in France, he moved to the states and began working on slot cars in the 60’s and 70’s, designing for Innova and later Cox Hobbies, where his idea for traction magnets achieved mass-production. He also successfully raced slot cars for many years, winning a championship in 1972. Beyond racing and designing, he has written a book on slot cars, with another on the way. He maintains a collection of 1:1 scale cars and diecast ranging from prewar Tootsietoys to Dinky’s and tinplates and plans another few books on slot cars and Tootsietoys to serve the enthusiast community.