Slot Car of the Year – Slot Classic Alfa Romeo 8C

Today, most cars have largely settled into a groove and whatever you buy, it’s more likely than not to be similar to most other cars on the road. The 30’s were a different story. There were 4 cylinders larger than 10 liters. There were gear levers mounted outside of the car. There were straight 8’s, twin motors, v16’s, twin superchargers, the list goes on. It was also a time where many of the advancements we take for granted today were first forged.

Take the Alfa Romeo 8C. Before WWII, tail-fins, muscle cars or computer-aided-design, the 8C was a sports car with dual overhead cams, a rear transaxle, independent suspension and two superchargers. It could accelerate to 60 in under 7 seconds, go nearly 140 mph and weighed about as much as a modern mini. The 8C was advanced, gorgeous and it won races.

Slot cars, like real cars, enjoyed a period of intense experimentation. In the 60s they were made from any manner of brass, plastic, wood and enjoyed all sorts of in-home engineering tricks like magnets, dual motors, and different drive systems to keep them glued to the track. Today, they too have grown into a mostly regular formula. Slot Classic bucks this trend, making small numbers of beautiful and interesting cars you’ve never heard off with different chassis shapes, Pagaso’s, Hispano’s, Alfonso’s, and even things that don’t end in O, like the SEAT FU.

One of their creations is a slot car version of the 8C, ready to race out of the box. This car, bearing the intimidating name of the CJ-47 Alfa Romeo 2900B 8C “Elegance”, honors a very Special 8C. This coach built, Carrozzeria-bodied, short wheelbase Superleggera car, one of only 4 to survive, has won several Concours titles, one of the few “unrestored” cars to do so.

Clearly, a tall order to represent, but slot classic has captured the car faithfully. The red wheels are individually wired. The intricate slats on the wheel covers are present and the car features a detailed interior and driver. The car comes assembled, meaning you don’t need a shed of Italians from the 30’s to help you put it together, like a real 8C.

This Slot Classic is a wonderful and unique car and we’re happy to have it as our first Slot Car of the Year.

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