Slot Car Racer of the Year – Mike Swiss

Mike Swiss is a guy with passion for his favorite hobby, and that hobby is slot cars. Swiss honed his racing skills into multiple national championships and two world championships, proof enough of his talent. Slot cars then carried over into Mike’s career, where he worked as manager of Koford Engineering’s slot car divison for nearly two decades. These days, Mike still isn’t done with slot cars. In 2005, he opened Chicagoland Raceway, the full service slot car racing facility he runs to this day.

Chicagoland hosts everything from Monthly slot car races to diverse weekly events for all levels of experience. Each track at Chicagoland was built by Swiss himself, taking months.

Beyond just racing, the “full service” side comes into play with workstation for building and maintaining cars, an activity Mike frequently gets in on himself.

Mike Swiss has had a lifelong dedication to spreading the joy of slot cars, and we’re happy to have him in the Hall of Fame.

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