Stephen Colber Hot Wheels

Stephen Colbert Discusses Shrinkflation and Hot Wheels Cars

Of the many issues facing American voters in 2024, “shrinkflation” is kind of a weird topic. Instead of raising the dollar amount charged for a product, companies are making the portions smaller. It’s been happening for decades, so why is it an issue this year?

It seems like an argument that cuts both ways politically. But seriously, we’re not about politics here, so please don’t go there in the comments.

Stephen Colber Hot Wheels

Automobiles, however, have been getting larger by the minute lately. That didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from mentioning automotive shrinkflation on The Late Show Monday night. He used some diecast, specifically a Hot Wheels 1967 Shelby Mustang to illustrate his silly point, throwing in a Lego Minifig to boot.

Hot Wheels 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

You can watch the whole segment here. The shrinkflation stuff starts around the 10:30 mark. Enjoy!

Stephen Colber Hot Wheels lego

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