Supplier Brand of the Year: Moon Eyes

Moon Eyes is a brand that’s instantly recognizable to hot rodders, for good reason. In the 40’s, founder Dean Moon and his father were deeply involved in the southern California car scene, including running a go kart track and racing at lakebeds like El Mirage. By 1950, Dean was ready to take his expertise into business and founded Moon Eyes Equipment, churning out engine parts, style pieces and other automotive accessories.

With Dean’s commitment to quality products, combined with the eye-catching Moon style, with it’s bright yellow paint and wide-eyed logo, Moon quickly solidified its position as a staple in the hot-rodding world. Moon sponsored cars raced on the salt flats and the drag strip, sporting ample chrome and Moon Eyes’ signature spun-aluminum wheel discs. Today, Moon Eyes is still in business at its legendary California location, and appears on tons of 1:1 scale and model car builds.