Tant de questions? The Curious Case of the French Challengers

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

A friend messaged me from the airport in Paris asking if I wanted him to bring home some diecast. He sent the above photo. Lots and lots of Siku Dodge Challengers. All in lime green. As in, nothing but lime green Challengers. If you look closely, you will see the name or model number on all of the examples behind the ones that are upfront. I politely declined, as I’m not much of a MOPAR guy.

Which begs the question… actually, Tant de questions?

  • Are Dodge muscle cars a big thing in France?
  • Was that the only vehicle in the product mix in that case?
  • What happened to the Aston Martin models mentioned on the sticker between the rows?
  • Are there lots of them for sale because they’re popular cars?
  • Or are there lots of them for sale because no one likes them, and they are the last peg warmers from the assortment?
  • And how do you say “peg warmers” in French?

I wrote a piece years ago for hobbyDB on what I do when I discover a bunch of a favorite casting at a store. But it never occurred to me that there might be so many because they are unloved. Now I question my own tastes.

  • One more question: How many of those same cars can you put in your luggage without raising the suspicions of customs agents?

Everyone Needs to Own this Casting! (At Least I Think So!)

Photo by Chris Holmes

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who also writes about model cars. You can see his work at www.ronruelle.com


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